Sustainability policy

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VAOVA S.A.S declares itself as a travel agency committed to the protection of tourist destinations and their natural, socio-cultural and economic heritage, through the implementation and control of sustainability programs aligned with the sectoral technical standard NTS-TS 003 current. Our services are based on an experience of inclusion and respect for local communities and the destinations offered in our portfolio, aiming for their protection and development.

In line with this, we express our commitment to increasing the positive impacts of our operation, implementing good environmental, economic and socio-cultural practices in our facilities, and in the destinations and activities that we include in our portfolio of services. Likewise, we are committed to minimizing the negative effects for sustainability generated by our operation, through the implementation of campaigns and programs that allow optimization and good practices in the use of resources in our facilities, and in the destinations and activities offered in our portfolio.

Our responsibility to the environment and society motivate us to generate a sense of belonging in our travelers and collaborators, which allows them to represent in the best way the ideology and values ​​of VAOVA S.A.S in the tourist destinations visited and the activities carried out, tending for generating a positive environmental, economic and sociocultural impact on them. In this sense, we will also strive to work with suppliers that are aligned with our vision, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

VAOVA S.A.S rejects and denounces the sexual and labor exploitation of children, as well as any type of discrimination of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, political orientation, or nationality in the activities and tourist destinations offered, defending our objective of improving quality of people’s lives through the provision of a complete, responsible and high-quality tourist service.

This policy will be reviewed every year or when deemed necessary in the event of any significant change that requires it. It will be published in our facilities and the communication tools that are available to the general public, customers and suppliers.